Get started on your fitness journey and have fun in the process! With the KFit Pass, you can access 10 fitness activities every month at an affordable price. Experience yoga, pilates, zumba, martial arts, functional training and so much more, without having to commit to a single gym membership.

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Pick from thousands of activities happening in your city. Reserve your first activity and you’ll be off to a great start! 

Discover trending activities near you or simply browse by category. Choose from the widest network of studios and gyms.

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“I knew it was time for me to start getting fit, but I had no idea where to start. Then I discovered KFit and decided to signed up along with a few friends. I didn’t imagine it’d be so much fun! We’ve been going to so many different classes across the city and there hasn’t been a dull moment.”  

James T., Kuala Lumpur

What users have been saying

“I’m a huge yoga buff but my hectic work schedule always gets in the way of my favourite classes. After signing up for the KFit Fitness Pass, I’ve been able to plan my classes in advance according to where I would be throughout the week. I’ve also found more classes near my home and office which I have grown to love.”

Jess W., Singapore

“I love martial arts and I’m a big fan of MMA. KFit has allowed me to complement my workouts with yoga and functional training, in addition to letting me visit my favourite martial arts gyms in the city. I don’t think any other platform out there let’s you do this. 

Charles S., Hong Kong

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KFit is targeting the social gym goer as a social sharing platform.

In addition to conventional gyms and studios, the startup also gives customers access to a wider choice of fitness facilities including badminton and tennis courts as well as swimming pools.

KFit is working to grow awareness and access to fitness rather than simply offer a better deal for those who already work out.